Interior Design

Ikea Hack #1

As a quick post for today, I wanted to share a mini project I did last year in my room. It included taking my Ikea Micke Desk, and adding a little personality to its otherwise blank facade. The desk before looked like this:


Via: Ikea

I chose it because I wanted drawers, but also a cubicle as shown on the left side to store things like books and other office supplies. This desk works great, but I always found it a little boring. So, one lazy Sunday last semester I decided to do something about it! I went on Amazon and purchased this marble contact paper, fully prepared to deck out the entire top of the desk with it. Little did I know, I am the world’s worst contact paper putter on-er (is that even a thing?? oh well I think I just made it one). So bad, that when I was halfway through the top, there were so many bubbles in the paper that I just had to scrap it and go with plan b: using it for the front of the drawers.

This worked MUCH better, and was actually very easy to do. You just measure the amount of paper you need, peel off one corner of the paper and stick it to the corner of the surface, then flatten out as you peel back the remaining paper. I didn’t even have to use a credit card to keep bubbles at bay! It worked like a charm and you can see the end result here.


It’s not an upgrade that makes the desk look more expensive, per say, it just gives it a little something extra!

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet DIY post, let me know about any of your fun Ikea hacks that you have tried!