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Distractions from Blogging: A Guilt-Ridden List

Hi. Yep it’s me coming back to blogging with my tail between my legs. This past month has been busy. Like SUPER busy. I’ve been bouncing from school to home to Florida for Spring Break, and along the ride I managed to take quite the hiatus from this blog. So, instead of apologizing for my lack of posts, I give you a list of what has been keeping me from getting in front of my screen and writing. Enjoy, I hope I can promise that the next post will not take a month for me to write!

4214199 (1)(A room at the Hotel la Zorza in Riomaggiore, Italy where Connor and I will be staying for a few nights.)

IMG_6337(Frozen mango margaritas the size of my head in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.)

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional-Gonzaga vs West Virginia(The Gonzaga Bulldogs slowly making their way to becoming NCAA champions, and in turn letting me defeat my family in our bracket challenge.)

IMG_6353(Senioritis (noun): A condition that forces you to bribe yourself with candy to finish a reading, but even this doesn’t work because you have no self control and eat the candy right away anyways.)

unnamed(The search for the perfect inexpensive, faux leather jacket finally came to an end with this little number.)

IMG_6101(A weekend visit from my favorite guy, complete with a pre-spring break trip for fries and a shamrock shake.)

59704fc8970af2cb2c20345794c1fa4b-shameless-season-7-1474737516(And finally, Shameless. Addicted would most definitely be an understatement.)