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Study Break

Hey there, long time no see! My semester has really kicked into high gear, and I’ve been bouncing from visiting my parents in NY to old of my oldest friends in Boston so I do apologize for the lack of posts. For today I wanted to do something a little more fun than just my normal “advice-esque” posts. So if you’re struggling through some type of work, whether job or school related, as the title suggests I have a little break for you! And it’s in the form of my favorite online quizzes, because honestly who can resist finding out if their pizza choices makes them a dog or a cat person??

Spirit Animal Quiz

This online quiz is one of the best spirit animal ones I have found. While you do have to bear (heh, animal puns) with some pretty funky questions/answers, I like how the answers correspond to pictures, so even if you don’t really understand the question it isn’t impossible to choose an answer. I took this and got the panda bear as my spirit animal, as seen below.


We Know If You’re A Dog Or Cat Person Based On How You Like Your Pizza

As prefaced above, this was a quiz I just had to take for my own sanity. I am a self-proclaimed dog person through and through, so the answer to this was undoubtedly going to send me into an existential crisis if it didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. Sure enough, I was a dog person!!! Don’t ask me how Buzzfeed designs these things but if somehow my love of excessive condiments on pizza makes me a dog person, so be it.

Sorting Hat Quiz

This quiz was adapted from the one on J.K. Rowlings’ site Pottermore. It was designed for you to take as quickly as possible, so try not to think about the answers too much and just go with your gut! For reference, I was sorted into Ravenclaw.


Personality Test

This is a psych quiz that isn’t as long as the infamous Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test. It has fifty questions but doesn’t take very long to complete if you go with your gut, like I had said above. My traits included extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness,neuroticism, and openness to experience. I like this quiz because if you answer it honestly, chances are you will dislike one of your traits (looking at you neuroticism), but it’s more realistic as you are never bound to like every little thing about yourself!

Star Wars Character

And finally, this quiz will tell you which character from the Star Wars saga you are! In case it wasn’t obvious yet, I have a thing for more personality-driven quizzes 🙂 I am Queen Amildala based off the results, I liked how the questions actually pertained to Star Wars as opposed to being utterly and completely random.

I hope you take it upon yourself to try out any of these quizzes and that you like the results! Until next time,



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