Favorites: Episode 2

Hobby Idea: The inner grandmother in me wants to learn how to cross-stitch so badly! I especially love this “take a hike” one that I found on Etsy. They are such cute pieces that are totally homemade, but still look very polished and cute. I would put this one with a gallery wall of other art, or leaned up on a bookshelf along with a fake plant and a candle.


Via: Etsy

Song: Versace on The Floor by Bruno Mars has been my absolute jam this past week. Since it’s more of a ballad, I probably wouldn’t listen to it when I’m trying to get pumped about heading to the bars (grandma makes another appearance with how much of a struggle that process usually is). Regardless, I’ve been rocking out to this song with my shampoo bottle microphone, and loving every second of it.

Book: I know I’m late on the bandwagon with this one, but I started reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler at the beginning of this week, and only have about 20 pages left. Her stories about growing up and making it as an improv comedian in her twenties are refreshing and hilarious, but also really applicable to just being young and still having no idea what you really want to do with your life. It also sparked me to start watching Parks and Recreation, which Amy stars in, and so far it’s great. Keep an eye out for it to make an appearance in a future favorites…


Via: Goodreads

Buy: Everytime I go to Target, I inevitably buy AT LEAST 3 things from the dollar section. I have a problem, I have accepted it, but I probably won’t do anything about it anytime soon. With that being said, on a routine trip to grab notebooks, toothpaste, and mascara, I stumbled upon this cute little heart pillow that was only $5! It added some texture and color (white is adding color to me?? I clearly have a neutrals problem) to my otherwise dark bedding. I also love it’s cheeky little shape, and with Valentine’s Day coming up I just couldn’t leave it. The one I have linked below is larger than the one I bought and a bit more fluffy, but for visual reference it was the closest I could get.


Via: Target

Pointless but Highly Entertaining Buzzfeed Article: This montage of Disney jokes had me giggling during a welcome break from job applications this week. There is something so satisfying about wholesome articles like this that are there strictly for entertainment purposes. They are a great distraction when every time you get on the internet these days, there is more and more about all hatred going on in the world.

Until next week!



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