Gaming in a Guys World: A Girl’s Perspective

When I created the “Activities” category on this blog, I had anticipated using it for things that were fitness-related. However, the topic of this post does fall under the activity category, albeit in a less traditional sense. Today I will be discussing my take on video games; the culture behind playing them, a few favorites, and how they can be a much needed change from the monotony of watching TV/movies!

This may seem like an odd topic to discuss, but I think it’s pretty interesting. Growing up with an older brother, I spent far more time picking a line-up in Backyard Baseball than I did dressing up American Girl dolls. No offense to the dolls, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything based on how that tomboy side has shaped who I am today. I would also be lying if I said that my small amount of video game knowledge didn’t help me impress at least a few hotties in my lifetime 😉

I was a PC/Xbox person in high school; I loved The Sims like everyone else, but was also a closet Need for Speed junkie. I enjoyed the games that weren’t quite as popular as the classics like Halo and Call of Duty. One distinct favorite I can remember is the Star Wars Battlefront game for Xbox 360. I spent countless hours fighting battles on Tatooine and getting destroyed by my brother in multiplayer mode.


Via: YouTube

The stereotype behind “gamers” is one that I by no means fit into, mostly because I really don’t play them that often and don’t have a console of my own (other than a Nintendo DS that I’ve managed to misplace). However, I think that consoles and the variety of games available are becoming less targeted towards that specific demographic, and more towards the average Joe. For example, the new Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that you can take on the go or play in your living room. It has a great multiplayer function that I can see appealing to a variety of different people. To me, this function seems almost like the board game of the 21st Century since it gets everyone at a gathering involved.


Via: Here

 I think a lot of people brush video games off as childish these days, but really they are a lot more stimulating than zoning out on the 10th episode in a binge watching frenzy on Netflix. They improve hand-eye-coordination and keep your brain guessing. I also find that video games are great when you want to get a little lost in your own world. I was a pretty avid Runescape player (dorky, yes, but SO much fun) in middle/high school, and that is a perfect example of a game where you can just escape and instantly become someone else. There are also millions of ways that the game can go depending on what you choose, which makes it that much more exciting.


Via: Photobucket

And now to another stereotype, that playing video games is a total guy thing. This is so false! There are games that are definitely more geared towards guys, but that can also be said about one’s for girls. Give me one person who doesn’t enjoy a good stroll around Kanto in search of the perfect Pokemon (you totally can’t).

I think there is something very universal about becoming invested in a game and spending hours working towards beating it. There is no advantage/disadvantage in being a specific gender while playing, so if you ever assume that video games are just something for guys, think again! There is bound to be a game you will fall in love with if you’re willing to hunt it down.

With how much the content and graphics of video games continues to improve, I can definitely see myself starting to play again sometime soon . I think my brothers Xbox 360 is still in my basement at home, I’m thinking of digging it up and giving it another go! Until next time,



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