Favorites: Episode I

I want to start a new segment on my blog that centers around some of my weekly favorites that will go up on Sundays, so here I give you the first! These favorites will be slightly random, and will obviously fluctuate depending on the week. However, I love reading these on other blogs so I figured it was only right to start my own. So without further ado, I give you my favorites from the week of January 21st.

Song: Ed Sheeran’s new single, Shape of You. I was so excited to see he was starting to release new songs off of his album Divide, and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. In true Ed Sheeran fashion, it’s a blend of heartfelt lyrics and a rap-esque speed that makes it insanely catchy. I’ve had it on repeat and I’m sure you will too after the first listen!


Via: Spotify

Organizational Tip: I was watching a video on home decluttering to get some much needed inspiration to do something about my absolute mess of a room, when someone in the comment section mentioned the KonMari method of folding. This comes from the infamous Marie Kondo book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I still have on my list as a must-read. Since all of my clothes will be shoved into packing cubes while in Europe, I figured this would be a very useful skill to have so I could maximize the space in my backpack. This article on the folding method gives great visuals (and even video tutorials) on how to fold each specific item. I tried it out and it works surprisingly well!


Via: Pinterest

App: Afterlight is my go-to choice for editing pictures. It has the best variety of filters, plus lots of customization for things like saturation, brightness, and clarity of an image. It’s super user friendly, and at only $.99 I think it’s well worth the price for the quality of pictures you end up with.


Via: Google Play

Food: I know this may sound super lame, but I have been obsessed with this trail mix over the past week. It tastes like it wouldn’t be as good for you as it actually is, which is the way health food should be! Although I’ll admit to mixing chocolate chips in with it for a post-dinner snack…diet is all about balance right?? PS I bought mine from TJ Maxx where it was on sale for only $3 a bag.


Via: Amazon

Video: A random thing I LOVE watching on YouTube are audition videos for The Voice. This particular one is probably my all-time favorite, and to this day I still have no idea why he didn’t win his season. After revisiting this old favorite this week, I also found myself belting out “Listen” only to realize I most definitely don’t sound like him, try as I may.


Via: Wikipedia

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my weekly favorites, stay tuned to next week for Episode II!



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